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The Express Newspaper, circulation 10,900, is a full feature newspaper located in Wadesboro (Anson County), North Carolina, published on Wednesdays.  The Express is distributed via the US Mail to every residential address and post office box in Anson County.  This complete circulation, reliably delivered in the mail to every zip code in the county, assures widespread exposure for articles and advertising.

• The Express is Anson County's only true local newspaper - locally owned and staffed.

• The Express has been in continuous publication since 1989.

• We use the US Mail to distribute our newspaper to every residential address and post office box in Anson County, with a circulation of 10,900.

• The Express features local news, obituaries, sports, classifieds, columnists, all color photography and all the other things people enjoy and expect in their hometown newspaper.

• Advertisers - your ads will reach every household in Anson County in The Express.  Our readers look forward to each week's edition, always finding many reasons to open up the paper and look it over to enjoy the excellent editorial content, photography and advertising.  Advertising in The Express gets results and is cost effective.

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Current Edition
May 15, 2019

​    Remembering..........
                            By Ed McBride 

We are pleased to offer this 80 page book containing nearly 200 Remembering columns by 
Ed McBride that were published 
in The Express Newspaper. 
The book was presented to Ed for his 90th birthday, August 10, 2012.
The subjects of the columns - people, businesses, churches, schools, events - have touched 
the lives of many people 
associated with Anson County, 
North Carolina and beyond.

Click HERE for more information.

Each book is printed to order, 
therefore the price is slightly 
higher than mass produced books.
The book is now available!
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